Friday, April 13, 2012

Download MikroTik RouterOS v6.0beta1

v6.0beta1 includes many changes, we suggest it for testing environment until you are confident that it works with necessary configuration.

Please, submit all reports to (include suppout.rif file)
What's new in 6.0beta1 (2012-Apr-13 15:26):

*) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-;
*) improved interface management (scales well for up to thousands of interfaces and more);
*) improved queue management (/queue simple and /queue tree) - easily handles tens
of thousands of queues;
*) improved overall router performance when simple queues are used -
at least double the performance of v5, even bigger improvements on multicore systems;
*) very small overhead for packets that miss simple queues,
but simple queues are present in the system;
*) pcq queue is NAT aware (just like "/queue simple" and "/ip traffic-flow";
*) in "/ip firewall mangle" can specify "new-priority=from-dscp-high-3-bits";
*) new default queue types: pcq-download-default and pcq-upload-default;
*) simple queues have separate priority setting for download/upload/total;
*) slave flag shows up for interfaces that are in bridge,bonding or switch group;
*) global-in, global-out, global-total parent in /queue tree is
replaced with global that is equivalent to global-total in v5;
*) simple queues happen in different place - at the very end of
postrouting and local-in chains;
*) simple queues target-addresses and interface parameters are joined into one
target parameter, now supports multiple interfaces match for one queue;
*) simple queues dst-address parameter is changed to dst and now supports
destination interface matching;
*) dns cache logs requests to topics "dns" and "packet";

Download MikroTik RouterOS v6.0beta1 at


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