Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MikroTik RouterOS version 5.12 released

What's new in 5.12 (2012-Jan-19 14:31):

*) console - allow to specify blank interval on x86 screens;
*) console - changed 'password' command, now can be used from scripts and api;
*) winbox - reorganized window layout to match console better;
*) ssh - fixed interoperability problem with psftp based clients;
*) implemented simple SMB (windows file sharing) server;
*) fixed ovpn-client - client stopped working if it was enabled/disabled at wrong time;
*) fixed ipv6 - ipv6 neighbor discovery stopped working when
interface arp setting wasn't set to enabled;
*) console - minor fixes and improvements;
*) console - added support for compact export;
*) hotspot - added login redirect through http status 302;
*) leds - added default configuration for R5SHPn wireless card;
*) ppp - fixed problem were remote-ipv6-prefix was not given to user if remote-ipv6-pool was
*) winbox, webfig - sort ethernet interfaces properly when more than 10 exist;
*) added QuickSet to RBSXT, RB411, RB711;
*) user manager - command to create and assign user profile from console;
*) added support for LTE modems (cdc ethernet type);
*) fix gre tunnels on x86 and other little endian machines;

Export Compact
A new feature in v5.12 is the ability to export only that configuration which you have changed (if the device had default configuration, then also that). This gives you ability to debug configuration problems, compare routers more easily, and even simplify the process of migrating configuration to other devices.

Try command: /export compact

Starting from v5.12, new SXT, RB711 and RB411 devices will have Quicket - just plug in your ethernet cable, open and you will see a very easy to use interface to set the most basic settings for your router. If anything is missing, just go to the regular webfig and delve into the powerful RouterOS configuration.
- currently supports RB411, RB711 and SXT CPE devices
- automatically logs into devices with admin/no password
- quickly see list of available APs and their signals
- quickly align the station, by instantly seeing the signal graph of selected device
- quickly set up/down speed by selecting from dropdown (or type custom speed, ex 128K)
- can set basic WAN/LAN settings
- also featured in Winbox
Perfect for ISPs installing CPE devices at the customer location. Click click and you're done!

Download MikroTik RouterOS version 5.12


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