Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mikrotik Making a Simple Wireless AP

This article will show a very quick overview for beginners on setting up a Wireless Access Point in RouterOS Winbox graphical configuration tool.

* a router running RouterOS loaded with supported miniPCI wireless cards
* a connection to the router via the Winbox utility

Start by opening the Wireless Interface window in Winbox. You will see some wireless cards listed here, they might be disabled - to turn them on, click on the blue Enable button. Make sure that the interface is configured and the antennas are connected before you enable an interface.

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  1. saya baru belajar dan sekarang beli RB433ah wireless atheros 5413 dengan antenna omni 15dbi
    permasalahnnya kenapa signalnya naik turun jarak 50meter
    dan saat masuk gedung signal hilang
    padahal sebelumnya saya pasang linksys dengan omni juga itu aman dan signalnya stabil
    mohon pencerahan screenshot ada di