Saturday, February 13, 2010

Squid v2.6 Cache with Mikrotik RouterOS


▣ISPs are constantly seeking ways to improve web http service delivery to end users.
▣To achieve Quality of Service, ISPs deploy Bandwidth Managers to shape customer traffic based on several policies.
▣To accelerate http delivery, ISPs deploy web caches to cache frequently accessed web sites.
▣Though bandwidth is saved using a web cache and bandwidth manager, the accelerated performance is not felt by the end user because they are still penalized by the bandwidth manager even when content is cached and residing on the web cache.
▣This presentation will show you how to use the TOS (RouterOS v2.9) or DSCP (RouterOS v3.0) mangle feature on your RouterOS bandwidth manager together with a squid-2.6 external cache to manage the delivery of cache contents with or without penalty to your end users, making them experience the true performance of caching

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