Friday, October 16, 2009

MUM Presentation Material : Virtual AP for Network Campus with Mikrotik

A “Virtual Access Point” is a logical entity that exists within a physical Access Point (AP). When a single physical AP supports multiple “Virtual APs”, each Virtual AP appears to stations (STAs) to be an independent physical AP, even though only a single physical AP is present.
For example, multiple Virtual APs might exist within a single physical AP, each advertising a distinct SSID and capability set.
Alternatively, multiple Virtual APs might advertise the same SSID but a different capability set – allowing access to be provided via Web Portal, WEP, and WPA simultaneously. Where APs are shared by multiple providers, Virtual APs provide each provider with separate authentication and accounting data for their users, as well as diagnostic information, without sharing sensitive management traffic or data between providers.

Here is the presentation material of Mikrotik User Meeting in Bali


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