Sunday, September 13, 2009

MikroTik RouterOS™ & License

E-book Contents:

1. About MikroTik RouterOS™
* What is MikroTik RouterOS?
* Can I test the RouterOS befor i buy it?
* Where can I buy the License Key?
* Can MikroTik connect to high speed service provider such as T1, T3 or other high speed connection?
* How fast is Microtik RouterOS?
* Can Mikrotik RouterOS do what Cisco router can?
* What Operating system is used to run Mikrotik RouterOS?
* Is RouterOS secure?
2. Logging on and Passwords
* What is the default username and password for RouterOS login?
* I forgot my password?
* After power failure the MikroTik router is not starting up again?
* How can I access router if LAN has been disabled?
3. Licensing Issues
* How many time can I use RouterOS licence?
* Does the license expire?
* How can I reinstall the MikroTik RouterOS™ software without losing my software license?
* Can I use my MikroTik RouterOS™ software license on a different hardware?
* What to do, if my hard drive with MikroTik RouterOS™ dies, and I have to install another one?
* How can I enter a new Software Key?
* I have mis-typed the software ID when I purchased the Software Key. How can I fix this?
4. Installation
* How large HDD can I use for the MikroTik RouterOS™?
* Can I run MikroTik RouterOS™ from any hard drive in my system?
* Why the CD installation stops at some point and does not go to the end?
5. Upgrading
* How can I install additional feature packages?
* How can I upgrade?
* I installed additional feature package, but the relevant interface does not show up under the /interface print list.
* If I do upgrade RouterOS, will I lose my configuration?
* How much free disk space do I need when upgrading to higher version?
6. Downgrading
* How can I downgrade the MikroTik RouterOS™ installation to an older version?
7. TCP/IP Related Questions
* I have two Network Interface Cards in the MikroTik router and they are working properly. I can ping both networks from the router but can't ping from one network through the router to the other network and to the Internet. I have no firewall setup.
* How can I change the TCP port number for telnet or http services, if I do not want to use the ports 23 and 80, respectively?
* When I use the IP address/mask in the form for my filtering or queuing rules, they do not work.
* I need to set up DHCP client, but there is no menu '/ip dhcp-client'.
* Can I statically bind IP's to MAC addresses via DHCP?
* How can I masquerade two different subnets using two different external IP addresses for them?
* I cannot surf some sites when I use PPPoE.
8. Bandwidth Management Related Questions
* Can I use MikroTik as a bridge and a traffic shaper in one machine?
* Can I limit bandwidth based on MAC addresses?
9. Wireless Questions
* Can I bridge wlan interface operating in the station mode?

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