Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mikrotik Version 3.25 Released

What's new in 3.25:

*) fixed problems with files under MetaROUTERs;
*) made WinBox work better on smaller screens;
*) made WinBox to not bring down BGP & OSPF when BGP window was opened;
*) WinBox menu is better organized, all sub-menus are sorted;
*) fixed WinBox problem - /128 IPv6 addresses could not be entered
where network address was expected;
*) added l2mtu interface parameter with ability to configure for
interfaces that support it;
*) RB1xx ether1 did not work properly in switch mode;
*) api - do not accept truncated property names;
*) api - closed sessions were not removed from the '/user active' list;
*) routing, routing-test - fixed a BGP crash;
*) routing-test - deleted routes were sometimes left displayed in Winbox;
*) routing-test - fixed BGP interoperability issue with old Ciscos;
*) routing-test - added remove-private-as BGP peer config option;
*) added few more variables to hotspot html pages:
bytes-total, bytes-total-nice, packets-total
*) bandwidth-test supports testing over multiple tcp connections (default 20);
*) graphing - HTML page refresh-interval configurable in console;
*) user manager - IP pool added to user batch-add form;


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