Monday, February 4, 2008

Job Opportunity In Saudi Arabia

I found this job ad & thaught it might be helpful for any one who is interested mikrotik routerboards :lol:

"A Saudi company in Medinah and Makkah is looking for an employee who handles wireless networks well and holds a certificate in this field.
This company stipulates that the applicant is good at English, preferably Arabic-speaking, but it is not a condition. He should hold a Mikrotik certificate and is cognizant of electronics. He should also have a diploma or a certificate in electronics.
Salary, I think, is not tempting, it does not exceed $ 350 a month, inclusive of housing and others."
What drew my attention is that their offer is that this employee will be a partner in the corporation with a 20% for a period of five years which is the period of the contract.

Anyway, I only wish it's helpful and consider it a simple contribution for the interest of all..

there email is


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