Sunday, July 22, 2007

Setup Mikrotik used as a wireless Hotspot server/authenticator

What we are trying to do:

The Mikrotik Router OS system is software designed to run on an "IBM type" Personal Computer. It has many capabilities including operating as a Wireless HotSpot controller, router, firewall, PPPoE controller, among many other capabilities. This router basically can be used to operate a small ISP. In our example, we are setting up a three port system which is designed to have one port going to the internet, a second to provide HotSpot services via an external access point and a third port to serve the user's local LAN. Separation and firewall protection is provided to prevent intrusion from the internet and from the HotSpot port into the user's local LAN. Be sure to verify the firewall protection for yourself. Advantages/Limitations of the Mikrotik Hotspot System as seen by the author can be viewed HERE.

The basic features that I need in this Home Hotspot installation are:

* Provide isolation of computers on my home LAN from internet traffic and users on the WIRELESS HotSpot Access Point. This needed to be done without the use of encription on the wireless link so "anyone" could easily log in without first getting permission.
* Allow my normal household internet traffic to/from the internet to use the same connection as traffic from my wireless HotSpot
* Allow traffic on the Internet to access my mail server and any other servers on my Home LAN.
* Provide "Casual" users of the Home HotSpot to "log in" and access their WebMail and normal Internet while limiting their bandwidth usage.
* Allow "Trusted" users of the Home Hotspot to "log in" to access whatever ports and services may be allowed for them on an individual basis.
* Allow "Me" to access anything I want to over the Wireless Hotspot connection to the local LAN or to the Internet.
* Provide the capability to have a direct PPPoE connection to a DSL/Cable modem or alternatively a direct connection to a router LAN port. LOCAL

See complate tutorial


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